We strive to be a strategic partner with our clients by leveraging our expertise and experience to provide innovative, responsive and cost-effective insurance services. We have the experience, talent and proven results to help our clients navigate new challenges and accomplish their business goals.

Our Clients consist of businesses from all segments of industry, professionals, retailers, and non-profit organizations.

Manufacturers, Investment Co., Retailers, Services Co., Hospitals, Hotels, Tourism Co., Telecommunication Co., Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Construction, Advertising, Libraries, Multinational Co., Real Estate Co., Banks etc…

Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants etc…

Food Stores, Restaurants, Clothing etc…

Non-Profit Organizations:
Health Care, Natives, Senior Citizens, Sports, Day Care Centers and Condominiums.

Consultants & Small Businesses.

Foreign Companies & Subsidiaries:
Foreign Branches, Representative Offices, Subsidiaries , Embassies etc…